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The clean and modern Zidiz tables are known for their distinctive looks and their wide array of sizes and material combinations. The frame is available both in coated aluminium or warm teak. As for the tops you have the choice of seven types of ceramics or teak. There are three size options for the fixed tops, two of them in a rounded shape, and one elliptic. And then there is the 320 extendable version, beyond any doubt the most stunning Zidiz table. This versatile model comes only with a teak top that can be stretch from 220 to 330 cm in length.


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HERFST presentatie Moorsel
Beste Klant, Vanaf heden is onze toonzaal te Moorsel weer helemaal aangepast aan onze nieuwe indoor Herfst-settings. Voor onze outdoor-artikelen en presentaties kunt u terecht in onze toonzaal te Ninove bij Veranda's Pauwels, op afspraak.