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The Spectra UX Architecture Full Black is so much more than a black umbrella. The new version is based on the Spectra UX Architecture and has the same functionalities. The Full Black not only matches well with black outdoor furniture and accessories, it also adds a modern touch to green environments with lots of wood and warm elements. The cantilever 3x3m umbrella can be subtle & discreet and at the same time shine in any outdoor environment!


Vorig artikel: Spectra UX Cantilever Architecture | Volgend artikel: Spectra UX Nature

HERFST presentatie Moorsel
Beste Klant, Vanaf heden is onze toonzaal te Moorsel weer helemaal aangepast aan onze nieuwe indoor Herfst-settings. Voor onze outdoor-artikelen en presentaties kunt u terecht in onze toonzaal te Ninove bij Veranda's Pauwels, op afspraak.