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Gio, the new chair by Claudio Bellini, is made entirely from one material. It envelops the chair homogeneously from backrest to legs. The chair made of mono material works either with or without armrests thanks to its resolute design and sumptuous comfort. Subtle curves, particularly for the chair with armrests, are Gio’s hallmark whichever way you look at it. They protect the chair’s owner like a shell. Straps in the seat ensure soft cushioning. Together with the flexible back, this is the perfect recipe for exceptional seating. Variants in leather and fabric individualise the comfort. The covers are easy to remove.


Vorig artikel: Prime Time | Volgend artikel: PER USE

HERFST presentatie Moorsel
Beste Klant, Vanaf heden is onze toonzaal te Moorsel weer helemaal aangepast aan onze nieuwe indoor Herfst-settings. Voor onze outdoor-artikelen en presentaties kunt u terecht in onze toonzaal te Ninove bij Veranda's Pauwels, op afspraak.