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Last year, Royal Botania launched the Calypso 55 armchair. Due to its instant success we decided to extend Calypso to a full range, by adding a barstool, a low reclining chair, and compact two and three-seaters benches. They all feature a teak base, with a stainless steel backrest that can be fitted with padded upholstery. These covers can easily be zipped on and off to allow for easy cleaning, and winter storage. With a wide array of textiles, the colour combinations are endless. With an extra set of covers you can adjust your outdoor set to the colours of the season, to your mood, or even to your clothes.


Vorig artikel: Alura | Volgend artikel: Torsa

Vanaf heden tonen we u ook in onze toonzaal te Moorsel een selectie van OUTDOOR-meubelen